First impressions mean everything.
What your customer sees as they enter your establishment will determine whether they stay or go, buy or not.
We were hired by RNC Business Associates to rebuild the One Stop Shop after a devastating fire.

After clearing all the damage done by the fire we redesigned the floor plan, added an area for costumers to sit and play  Keno, raised the ceiling from 8 feet to 13 feet and increased their storage space.

                                                 All Within their budget
Call us and be among our many happy customers such as:

  • Urgent Care North Providence
  • Urgent Care Warwick
  • Acorn Event Productions
  • Conlon Movers Inc
  • Eddie Cs Salons
  • Matter Ecclisiar School
  • Mayflower Movers Inc
  • Roth Brothers LLC
  • RNC Business Associates
  • Rite Choice property management
  • Ten 21 Productions
  • The One Stop Shop
  • KSS Inc
  • Woman’s Recourse Centers of Rhode Island

And many private homes.

Whether they are there to shop, keep an appointment or sit and enjoy your offerings a comfortable and welcoming environment that reflects your businesses personality will tell them,

                                   "this is the place for me".

At AFL we understand that and can help you reflect  your personality and mission statement through your environment.
Rest Rooms are important
All too often we find our selves in a nice store or restaurant with an old beat up or cheaply done rest room.

Dont let this be you!!
Your  costumers desurve better.
For less then you may think We can beautify your rest rooms and complete your costumers total experience
Having  someone who you can count on to assist with getting your business ready to open is key to any investment.

Let us help you by focusing on  getting your  property or business  ready for you while you focus on your Staff, Products and Costumers.


From Concept to Design and Finish
6400 sq ft Urgent Care Clinic
1400 2q ft Physical Rehabilitation Facility 
Click image to enlarge.
Metro PCS in the Swansea Mall
T- Mobel and Four Corners Food Mart
A Tim Horton's Doughnuts                     now
Major League Roast Beef
         Woonsocket RI
New Look's  added New Appeal to these business
These businesses all had an increase business after hiring                       us to give them a new look !
A former CVS now              Tom's Market
        Tiverton RI
RNC reported a 60% increase in sales after the remodel
Woonsocket Motor Inn
Present look
Our proposed look
Our Team will help turn ideas into reality by helping you design then bring your vision to reality.

Our work is 100% guaranteed and our rates our among the lowest in the business; plus, unlike other service companies, you meet the owner on every call .
Preposed Projects
   Dana's Lounge
    North Providence RI
Jock's Sports Bar
       Providence RI