Decks, Privacy Screens and Gates
A roof top deck over an addition on this water front home increased its curb appeal and gave its owners the space they needed and a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the bay.
Working on a budget we turned this home owners  8ft x 10ft deck into a 10ft x 20ft with centered balusters and even managed to include staining.

Although we offered to add a skirt and risers as well as landscaping and a sidewalk  the owners were on a tight budget but did thank us for giving them more then they expected for there money.
We were $1000. below there other bids
Mixing wood and stone transformed a small boring never used aria into a beautiful and elegant space that this home owner is proud to entertain friends or just relax in.
Gates add privacy and elegance to any property  and can be designed to fit your taste and style.
Tired of looking at your air conditioning unit? We can  construct for you ether a permanent year round  screen or a  removable one you can store away in winter.
Though we often like our neighbors we don't always want them to see every thing we do. Privacy screens add to the architectural charm of your deck,patio or balcony offering you some privacy without making you feel closed in. Add our benches or planters to  create your own privet retreat.
This home has a vary small yard so adding this two floor deck gave this home owner the additional out door space they needed for entertaining and relaxing
From Concept
To Reality
Weather its out door or indoor space you need, adding to your home is the best way to increase value and give your family the space they need.
Before's                                                 After's
Exterior Make Overs
Wood, Vinyl or Masonry the choice is yours.
A 16ft x 23ft addition with full basement
Composite and PVC deck materials are maintenace free, durable and  add value to any home
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We were asked to design and build a full bath on the secong floor of a small Cape.
Our concept and design
The project during and after complete.
We were asked to design and build a master bath and walk in closet addition to this Ranch style home. We were given the restriction of just 13 feet by10 feet to work with. With this addition we proved you don't need a lot of space to add comfort to your home.
The project during and after complete.
What were doing now!
Our next project could be yours !!!
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We were asked to design and build a 17ft x 21ft master suite with office desk space.
                   Thats alot to fit in a 357 square foot space you say? Not for us.
                                                         Here is our plan
Our Design